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Belief formation

Connors & Halligan, 2014 gives us good guidance about how beliefs come about.

Everybody believes something.

The first thing is when a person meets something that does not fit her or his current beliefs and expectations.

Next the person tries to explain the new information within her or his current set of beliefs. The danger is that person might find the information unsettling and will only accept it is at true or true enough if it if fits them.

Evaluation comes next. You assess your existing beliefs and how the ones that contradict them are going to be dealt with. You will probablbly want to protect the beliefs you have so the opposing ones might not sink in. If you suffer from a bad self image you may constantly monitor your life and what happens for signs that God is looking after you. You get biased and end up believing nonsense without having decent evidence.
Theh list acceptance of the new belief. Th enew belief may nott be ocmpletey new but more of a modifcaiton of an existing one.
They talk aobut conseuqnces last of all/ That refes to how beliefs shape how you see things and remember them and will affect hwo you act. Antoehr thin that will happen fthat if the iea of belieing something occurs to you will will only embrace it if if fits in okay with what you believe in the present time.