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The Bible and the label

The New Testament warns about religious labels. The Jewish leaders of Jesus' day were not very bad people - Jesus himself said they were religious and prayed a lot and fasted a lot and would make huge sacrifices to get converts - but Jesus still said they were not really Jews for they were not holy enough and were really hypocrites. The Bible says that only somebody who is miraculously changed inside into one who has faith without reservations and without cherry-picking is a real Christian. And as nobody can see the heart but God it is up to God if he exists to judge who is a Christian and not the census or the government. It is easy to call yourself a Christian while showing no signs of a Christian faith. Labels can demean or hide the truth about what you really are. The Christian labellers are really trying to get special rights for those who claim to be Christian. Its dishonest.

St Paul denied that unrighteous Jews were really Jews.

The New Testament says a label means nothing unless you earn it.