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Burn Thy Bible
Why the Bible is an Evil Book 


Why is the pretended word of God the Bible everywhere like a bad rash?  The answer is that there is a myth that portrays it as the heart of our civil and cultural systems.  None of that is true.  The laws in the Bible are more often evil and insane than good.  No legal system agrees with the favourite Bible punishment - stoning adulterers etc to death.  And the Bible is very Jewish and we do not have a Jewish culture.  Even the apostles loved to practice Judaism all their lives.  Jesus was a Jew.  Because of a lie we are expected to honour the Bible if not as the word of God but as a pillar of our civilisation.  That will not do when the book is so full of lies and transgresses on matters it has no authority to speak on and when its pages are spattered with the innocent blood of people who left God for other gods. 

Believers are based on assuming the Bible is innocent of lying or erring until proven guilty.  But you do not have to look for proof of error.  Good evidence is often enough.  The believers are going too far.  Plus they evilly refuse to admit that things like Jesus telling a woman her daughter was a dog and a woman that she deserved to be stoned to death are errors.  It is odd how they would consider proof that Pilate was not in Jerusalem when Jesus was allegedly tried by him to prove an error but a moral error is ignored.  An evil book produces such evil.  Part of the Christian attitude is down to the fact that contrary to the lies of the pope and many others, the Bible is more concerned with "history" than morality.  There are bigger and longer sections about genealogy than about love.

The Bible, consists of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is the writings before the coming of Jesus. The New Testament is the story of Jesus and what happened when he came and it holds the teaching of his twelve apostles who he commissioned to teach the world for him. The Bible claims in many places to have been authored by God. If the Bible is an evil book and has error in it then it is not the word of God. The expression word of God means that it is what God wrote. The Christians agree that the book is as much the word of God as it is man and how this can be is a mystery that cannot be understood. We will see that there are nicer and kinder books that are not thought to be the word of God and that Christian reverence for their holy book is just bigotry for the book is thoroughly evil.
It says a lot about Christians when they don't see the Bible saying that God commanded the Jews to stone adulterous people to death as in capital punishment, commanding Jesus to accept crucifixion and a degrading death, saying people deserve to suffer for all eternity in Hell and the Bible declaration that doubting God's word is the ultimate sin as errors. That is heartless. No truly good person pretends that these are not errors and that the Bible saying Abraham did such and such and then saying the opposite would be an error!

We are about to launch into an attack on the doctrinal and ethical errors of the Torah, the Law of Moses which is to be found in the first five books of the Bible. The validity of the attack disproves Judaism which is based on the Torah and also Christianity whose founders, the apostles, pronounced the Torah to be infallible and just (Romans 7:12; 1 Timothy 1:8). They said that they got this from Jesus himself (Matthew 5:17-19; 7:12). Many times the New Testament says that the Law of Moses is where it gets its validity from. You can’t have the New without the Old.

We will start with the Book of Exodus which is where the real Law begins.

Exodus 7:8-13,22; 8:3 says that God permitted the magicians of Egypt to perform miracles to show that their gods should be worshipped and were as good as the God of Moses. It says they are real miracles, if they were tricks the magicians would have been able to produce gnats (8:14). The God of the Torah asked people to kill and die for him yet he offered no evidence for his teaching when other gods could duplicate his miracles. His miracles don’t support his claims when he allowed ones that support false doctrine to be done. The God of the Torah commanded some strange things so it is no use to say that when a miracle supports reasonable teaching that it must be from God. Moreover, the gods of Egypt could have existed.

God did things the other gods failed to do. Perhaps when God was the most powerful God it proved the miracles of the others did not prove their right to be honoured as gods? But a weak God could make people have false visions that he could do mighty things. Besides, the Egyptian Gods were not thought to be all-powerful. The Egyptians would have surmised that the gods were not watching one another when the god of Israel was able to start a contest and occasionally win. Their gods were not always well organised! And when God tried to compete with the gods of Egypt and they were able to do what he did for many of the miracles it shows that God wasn’t that powerful. For example, he made the frogs appear, to do something that the other gods couldn’t do. But then they were able to do it too. If demons do miracles as Christians believe then demons did the miracles for the gods of Egypt.

In Exodus 19:13-15, we read that God commanded that anybody who touched the bottom of the mountain of Sinai when he was on it had to be stoned to death or shot. A sin that harms would be worse than that and he did not say the sins should all be punished that way. Unfair!

Exodus says that anybody who curses their parents must be put to death (21:17).

If a thief breaks in and is attacked and killed in the night there is no bloodguilt. But if it is daytime then there is (Exodus 22:2). The thief is not armed at all because then there would be no bloodguilt for killing him any time. The rules are said to be based on it being easier to fight him during the day without killing him. Surely it cannot be right to attack a man in the middle of the night to risk your own life or his when he may be unarmed and not a threat to you? This God was evil for he let you fight him to the death in the dark even though it is wrong. The rule should not be worrying about night and day. What it should be worried about is the extent of vision the owner of the house had when the house was burgled. For example, a clear moonlit night with lights in the house would give the owner good vision at night. The utter stupidity and fundamentalism of the law is evident.

The Law decrees that thieves must not back what they took but pay back double (Exodus 22:9). And God claims to be just. If you steal one sheep you have to pay back four (Exodus 21:37). He is forcing the victims to steal from the thieves! You cannot say that the extra has to be paid in compensation as well for that would depend on the hurt caused and be variable. But God lays down a fixed overpayment. The only excuse is that he harshness is geared towards deterring the person from sin. But deterrence only makes the thieves more devious and careful. It will make them so angry that they are hurt more than justice demands that they will become hardened in evil. Deterrence can be used as an excuse for any level of brutality. It is not for deterrence when the extra is paid to the victim instead of the poor. If it is just for putting people off crime then the poor would be a better choice for the extra fine.

Exodus 34 enjoins disrespect for other religions. Israel was told by God to smash their altars and statues in case Israel would start worshipping other gods. Israel was not to tolerate people like that or to make peace with them. The “in case” is the most important part of the nasty bits. (It shows that the same must hold true for Christians today for Jesus said that we must adore God only or with all our hearts.) Here we have God accused of commanding evil and cruelty over what has shown no signs of happening yet. He is accused of being paranoid. It would have been less cruel if he had seen that the people were going to join in the false worship first, verse 37 makes it clear that all this has been sanctioned by God. It is no answer to say that the other religions were evil. Why not engage in dialogue with them to change them and improve them? Plus Israel had a God of supernatural power looking after it so the fear of attack wasn’t an incentive.

The command to kill anybody who works on the Sabbath is unduly harsh (Exodus 35:2). Nobody can deny that this was unnecessary.

The God of Moses was a liar and if there were a God he would be very offended yb Moses’ portrayal of him. He liked the taste of blood when he coldly commanded the putting of people to death by stoning. The name of Moses should be hated as much as that of Hitler. Jesus Christ was not the Son of God for he acclaimed the ways of Moses and had been a lifelong Jew who cherished the Law.

We have found fatal errors in Exodus. What about the rest of the Law?

In Genesis, a snake tells Eve that she should eat of the tree that God said should not be eaten of for it would grant her wisdom. He convinced her that God’s threats about what would happen if she ate its forbidden fruit were false. She gave into temptation and ate the fruit. She really believed she was doing right (Genesis 3:6). God asked Eve why she ate the forbidden fruit. She explained that the talking snake duped her. Then God turned to the serpent and he told it that many curses would befall it for having done this. He agreed that she had been fooled but that did not stop him punishing her and all women by making the husband the master of woman and making childbirth an agonising horror. This was unjust. The New Testament says the woman was deceived (1 Timothy 2:14) not the man so Adam should have got the worst punishment for he knew what he was doing better. The punishment for Adam would have affected Eve as well but God was so evil he was not satisfied with that. The Church teaches that we have inherited Adam’s sin from the first moment of our existence – this called the Original Sin. Original sin should be stronger in men than women because of Adam but the Church does not teach that.

In Genesis 22, God tells Abraham to take his son to the land of Moriah and kill him as a sacrifice to God. God stopped him as he lifted the knife. God told Abraham a lie. He had told him that he wanted him to murder his son. He praised Abraham’s fanaticism implying that anybody who is sane is not a true man or woman of God for it gives the go-ahead to anybody who thinks God is telling them to murder.

Leviticus 4 says that you can sin without meaning to. Christians say that sin here means just breaking the law accidentally and is not sin in the sense of being responsible for sin. But the Law prescribes the sacrifices that have to be made to atone. Accidents have to be made up for too, they say. But only when they do harm and the Law here says that any inadvertent falling short of the Law needs to be atoned. They do God no harm so when he has to get compensation for them and is not satisfied with mere repentance and making it up to the people you hurt it is only to punish them. He does regard them as sins in the sense that they are something that he feels he has the right to dislike and punish you for. That is God’s problem when he is so stupid and hostile. You can’t be justly punished for inadvertent wrongdoing. “If anyone sins and does any of the things the Lord has forbidden, though he was not aware of it, yet he is guilty and shall bear his iniquity” (Leviticus 5:17, AB). Living for God is hard enough and is atonement enough. The God made up in the Bible is being childish.

God says if you swore falsely to avoid making any restitution you have to add one fifth of what restitution was due and pay the restitution with it and that you will be pardoned when you give God an animal sacrifice (Leviticus 6). This completely contradicts the episode later on when the Lord demanded the murder of a man who insulted him when he was fighting (Leviticus 24). Perjury is worse blasphemy - it calls on God to bear witness for a lie. It harms others too unlike blasphemy.

Leviticus 12 says it is dirtier to have a girl than a boy.

God does not want disfigured people to serve as priests (Leviticus 21). The reason is that they will make God’s sanctuary unclean. But if God is there how can it be made unclean or dirty merely by a clean person who has deformity or lost a limb? God’s lack of compassion for the afflicted is striking.

God ordered that the tenth animal in a herd will be his or holy (Leviticus 27:32). The owner is not permitted to give God another animal in its place if it is not right and is not even allowed to examine it but has to part with it and the other one he offered in its place.

In Numbers 6, we learn that God forbids Nazirites to enter a house where someone has just died even if it is their father or mother. The reason given is that the Nazarite is sacred so paying one’s respects is devilish, the person could do it and take precautions to avoid becoming unclean.

The Law even tolerates the murder of a person for manslaughter under strict conditions (Numbers 35). The relation of the dead person is permitted to do it. Even if this were not evil it could be allowed only through the usual legal channels such as trials and convictions and letting the avenger work only under close supervision and should be. The Law contradicts itself here for it said that we must not commit murder.

God permits parents to have their sons put to death by stoning in Deuteronomy 21. If the boys are stubbornly disobedient and fond of stuffing themselves and of strong drink parents are given the right to have them killed. The parents must agree that this is the right course and are the only plaintiffs allowed. When satisfied that the parents are telling the truth the authorities agree to the execution. The Law does not say that the authorities have the right to refuse so they don’t. It is plain that there was no need for killing them so this law permits the needless killing of bothersome male children. It is not just for deterring other children though that is one of the reasons. Deterrence alone wouldn’t justify this. It is not the just penalty for high treason on the grounds that God was the head of state for it was left up to the parents to decide if or when they should have their son done in. High treason is the excuse the Christians and Jews give for defending the murders commanded by the God of the Law and now we see it refuted in this law. God does not say how bad the lad has to be before it was permissible to end his life. He would have done if he wanted all those who were guilty of high treason put to death. He is just saying that it is just for parents to have their sons killed if they want rid of them.

Christians often condemn this awful law and manage to say that it is inspired for there is no record of anyone dying because of it (Haley does that for instance). That does not prove that the law was ignored. And ignored or not it still proclaims that such killing is just so none can condemn it and maintain that it is inspired.

(Daughters must be excepted because they could be sold to their husbands to make a bit of money.)

The rule says that the killing is morally acceptable. Morality cannot change in itself its expression is what changes according to the times. Updating it is not denying this.

The Law is full of rules that benefit one class, the priesthood. First, obey the priests and their Law, second give God the best of your flock and the land and bring sacrifices which are then eaten. When you read the extent to which it benefited the priesthood you see that the Law is just an evil sham and a con trick.




Deuteronomy 25 When people have a dispute, they are to take it to court and the judges will decide the case, acquitting the innocent and condemning the guilty. 2 If the guilty person deserves to be beaten, the judge shall make them lie down and have them flogged in his presence with the number of lashes the crime deserves, 3 but the judge must not impose more than forty lashes. If the guilty party is flogged more than that, your fellow Israelite will be degraded in your eyes.

Good is not good when mixed with evil for that is what evil does. It likes to hide and sting unexpectedly. That is why the Bible should be called evil instead of pretending there is good in it. The good in the Bible is not the Bible’s good.


All attempts to prove that the Bible is the word of God fail and are stupid, irresponsible and are fabricated. The Bible commands and commanded much evil and it itself is a clear testimony that religion is not a good thing as it can be dangerous and that those who try to defend it are a disgrace.
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