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Do not give God any credit for the good they do, they did it!


Many insist that you cannot prove a negative. You cannot prove that God does not exist. You cannot prove there is no Santa Claus. You cannot prove there is no witches.
They won't tell you that these points do not matter. Most things we cannot prove we assume they are nonsense and treat them as such. They are trying to manipulate you into thinking there could be a God. They only care about "You cannot prove a negative" when it comes to God. They don't if it is a witch or a magic fairy. Talk about double-standards. If God is a God of truth he would not want you to argue the way they do. The argument insults God.
People say that it comes down to what you mean by proof. If you mean 100% and undeniable proof then there is no proof of God's non-existence.
But if you mean proof in the way we usually mean it then God is disproved.
Believers in God consider many versions of God to be disproved . For example, if here is a God that does not do anything they deny that such a God exists.
Believers may put their "You can't prove a negative" argument as follows, "If there is absence of evidence for God's existence, that is not evidence for God's absence."  But against that you can say, "If there is absence of evidence for atheism, that is not evidence that atheism is fiction."


If it is one or the other then which one?  Let us pick a God different from the one that is promoted today.  "If there is absence of evidence for Zeus's existence, that is not evidence for Zeus's absence."  But against that you can say, "If there is absence of evidence for atheism as regards to Zeus, that is not evidence that atheism as regards to Zeus is fiction."
The absence of evidence is evidence of absence if the evidence should be there and is not.
Many negatives can be proven. You can prove that your mother is not made of ice.
If there is a God you cannot. Perhaps God miraculously makes her seem to be of flesh when she is of ice. Perhaps he makes you feel her warm embrace though it is not warm at all and is sub-zero. If God has to let a little innocent baby endure months of torment for a mysterious purpose then you have no right to say that he is not giving you a mother made of ice. Do not see God as a thing but as a statement about a being that is involved in everything. See God together with the implications if there is a God.
Possibilities do not count. You cannot take something seriously just because it is a possibility.
Possibilities are a necessary evil. In what way?
Thus if you adopt the concept of God that makes far more possibilities than you need.


If you say you can prove something does not exist you will be accused of assuming you can prove a negative.  As a philosopher would say, "negative existential propositions cannot be proven".  But this is itself trying to prove a negative!  To say, "You cannot prove anything does not exist" is a negative.  You are saying it is proven when it is not.  In principle if not in practice it is possible to show that something's non-existence can be proven!