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Responsible Family Planning

The Catholic Church teaches that contraception is an act of violence and is a sin against human nature and human sexuality.  The teaching is that sex just for our pleasure is wrong which is why contraception is bad. That is the thing about it that is the most unnatural.  The tampering with nature as if the power to reproduce is a burden at the present time is another reason for calling it unnatural.


Sterilisation and vasectomy are counted as contraception too and if you confess these sins you are expected to get these procedures reversed.  The Church says you must make amends for sin.


If we have no problem providing marriage for immature people, sixteen year olds, and people who may be unsuitable for raising children, we cannot claim that we forbid contraception for the love of the family.   

The Catholic Church says it cares so much about the family that it forbids contraception as being the enemy of the family.

Most people who believe that contraception is wrong, are persuaded by the argument that contraception encourages promiscuity and in some cases sexually transmitted diseases. But you cannot condemn anything just because you think it is being abused. You can't condemn knives even if most people start stabbing each other.

The Catholic Church argues that contraception is intrinsically evil, it is evil regardless of any consequences good or bad and it cannot be used even to save a woman from a pregnancy that will kill her.

The Church says that God creates life and people only co-operate with him in this. So to use contraception is to defy what God may wish to do, give a child.

The Church says that using contraception implies that having a child is a burden not a gift. 

If that is true, then abstinence to avoid children implies that too. And the Church allows the natural method of family planning using the infertile period of the month! And if the fear of having babies is so necessary to stop promiscuity then why can’t women use this method to have all the sex with all the men they want?

The Church says that a husband and wife using contraception means the husband and wife are lying to each other. They are holding back their power to create life and are not giving their whole selves. But is a man who is impregnating a woman who doesn’t want to get pregnant giving his whole self? He is not respecting her.

The Church teaches that natural family planning leaves it open to God to create life if he wishes. But if God is so trusted then why do tactics have to be used to make it more difficult for him to cause a pregnancy? 

Contraception is to be promoted and taught. If it is used properly it can only have good consequences and it is wrong to put religious dogma before people.

It is true that sex even with contraception can be dangerous. But it is important to minimise the risks. Driving a car has its risks but nobody says driving a car is wrong even if it is a totally unnecessary journey one is undertaking.

Safer sex can be safe sex. Learn to use condoms properly and even then it would help to avoid ejaculating inside the body of another.

We advocate contraception for protection from unwanted pregnancy and from sexually transmitted disease.