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If Darwin is right and we are just animals what does that imply about morality?

Religion blames the Darwinist belief that life developed without any obvious divine guidance or intervention for todays morals.  It says the morals are really in fact not morals at all.

We all have principles even if they are wrong so what we believe becomes what we do for our principles always shine through what we do and say and even what we do not do and do not say.  So if Darwinism gives us some scary morals and if they are detestable at times that does not disprove them.  Your morals depend on what is real.  If there is a war going on the morality you live will be agonising and seem cruel at times for it is necessary.  So Darwinism does not do away with morality but only does away with what some people such as Christians want morality to be.

It is argued that Darwinism has led to the destruction of human uniqueness and human identity.

What is your identity?  It is who you are.

But it is also what you do and do not do.  What you do not do is what you do in a sense for not acting is an action.  A person who never talks to anyone at all is in some sense not a person.  Whatever you self-identify as the core thing will be you identify as an agent.  So you cannot really say you hate somebody's immoral ways but love them.  In doing so you label them as something they are not and though it looks like you humanise them you in fact de-humanise them.

There are some questions about identity.  In general what is it to be human?  Who am I as a person or individual?

Some have made out that Jews are not fully human.  Catholicism underhandedly infers unbaptised babies are not human at all.  Such babies being excluded by God forever is worse than excluding them from anything else.

Then there is the problem of how some animals might be people in different bodies to ours.  Chimps could be people in their own way.  What if there are aliens flying about in spaceships on other planets?  Not all people need be human.

It is felt that actions can speak louder than words so that those who battle for unrestricted abortion or the right to die are in fact declaring others to be no longer human or perhaps they never were human.

What if you include your body in your identity or think your soul is the real you? 

Darwinists and Christians do believe that if there is a God then the body has developed on its own without his direct involvement so being Christian in itself does nothing to show that the body cannot go wrong so that for example a man's body should have been a woman's.  And if your body is not part of your identity then what if you imagine not that you are somehow biologically female though you have a male body but that your soul is meant for a female body when your body is male?  Faith in the soul as a separate thing running the body opens the door to more transgenderism not less.  Yet the belief that people are animals gets the blame for transgenderism from Christians!

Some argue that we are evolved animals.  Does that mean we are better animals than the rest?  Some say we are others say we are not.  Evolved makes you different not better

If we are just animals then should public nudity be legalised and allowed?  Interesting question to think about! 

Homosexuals and bisexuals and others argue that their homosexuality or whatever is a part of their identity that others must praise and accept and nurture.

If we are animals it becomes hard to explain how having sex with an animal if it does no harm to the animal could be wrong.  It is argued that such sex violates the right of the animal but this presumes that the animal is degraded or hurt.  But what about the hypothetical situation where it is not?  The animal rights argument is only as good as long as animals are hurt.  And even if they are is it is right to hurt a person who has sex with them for animals get over it and do not see abuse the same way as a human does.

As gender is a part of one's identity and a very big part it is believed it is a basic human right to justify a person born in a male or female body to transition bodily to the opposite gender.

Some believe in transracism where you could claim to be a white person in a black person's body for example.

Some belief in transageism where some feel they self-identify as a child in a grown up body.

Transable is a person who believes their body is meant to be impaired or a healthy limb should be removed.

As we have an animal nature, we cannot write off any of these as nonsense.  Darwinism or not it doesn't change the fact that I know I have an animal side even if we are not completely animals.  Attacking Darwinism because we don’t want to be animals is a sign that we hate what people are and we want something to blame.

Religion thinks, "Darwinism – if it is survival of the fittest then to evolve and help evolution you must scheme and use evil wisely."  But that fails to notice that evolution works best when people are nice to each other.  The error is in forgetting that we are communities not individuals at the end of the day.  Another error is that the brain rewards pro-social action so its survival of the fittest as communities not so much as individuals.  The human race as a whole or unit does in fact try to outwit everything non-human.

If Darwinism is a threat to morality then that is no reason for saying it is false though believers in God as the source of morality will still maintain that it is. You cannot say something is bad or wrong just because you don’t like its implications or what you think its results will be. Believers make a lie the foundation of their moral codes. Thus they have a counterfeit of morality not morality. It is a recipe for corruption. Hate for Darwinists will inevitably ensue. If Darwinism harms the credibility of morality, what the believers offer is worse.

If Darwinism is true then denying it is more harmful than accepting it. Ignoring truth does nothing to help but plenty to hinder for truth does not care what you want or need.  A religion denying that life is a battle for survival is just simply dangerous.