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Do not give God any credit for the good they do, they did it!


Is it true that "Evil has to give way to good"?  Is that just a major coincidence or a divine plan?

There is nothing wrong with saying evil has to give way to good.  A fire has to burn itself out.  Those who say evil is part of a divine plan are forgetting that they do not need that idea at all.

If evil happens then assume that it has a purpose or can produce good regardless of its having a purpose or not.

Moral and Instrumental

If evil happens, you will say it has a purpose. There is a moral purpose and a instrumental purpose.  A moral purpose would be to help someone.  An instrumental purpose would be like doing something to achieve something.  Giving with a generous heart is moral.  Using a tool is instrumental.

What kind of purpose is evil about?

Both.  It is both concerned with moral and instrumental.  To do good is to use good as a tool so it is instrumental in that sense.

 If it is both then which one matters or matters most?  It would be instrumental for what use is good if you cannot do it?  What confirms that is how good itself is an instrument.

Evil cannot last for it is not as much of an instrument or as stable as good is.

Post Hoc Rationalisation

There is a difference between saying evil has a purpose and looking at an evil that has actually happened and saying it has a purpose. It is like saying evil has no purpose until it happens. That is a way of trying to deal with its existence.  To say doing evil gives it a good purpose is saying the end justifies the means.

An evil happens. You say it has a purpose. God supposedly let it happen for a good reason. Or you may say that it is possible for good to come from evil - whether it comes through purpose or not. It may be both on purpose and not and would be partly one or the other.

There is a difference between saying evil has happened and good can come because there is a purpose and saying that evil that may happen has a good purpose should it happen. To say that no matter what evil could happen but has not would have a purpose if it did happen is saying that evil must be for a purpose by definition.  No matter what, it does good therefore it does not matter.  If all evil even hypothetical is there for a good purpose then evil does not really matter.  The notion that evil is purposeless and God has to force good out of it would be called for.

A feeling can be created by nature or chemicals. Motivation is a feeling. If chemicals cause feelings in an entity it will start acting as if a purpose directs it.

Nature does simulate purposes. We see many examples.  Trees seem to be made to shelter us from the sun etc.  Water could be seen as being for drinking and that it so happens we can wash with it too.

All that makes us prone to see purpose where there is none.  To give evil a purpose it does not have is to fail to see how bad it is.