HOME   People do good because they are human, not because they are religious! 

Do not give God any credit for the good they do, they did it!



If you assert a truth claim be it, "I believe x" or "X is a fact" it falls on you to verify the claim.  That means you have to verify that you believe x or that you know x is true. 

The burden is heavier if you call something a fact rather than settling for just saying you believe in it.

Truth claims are one thing. Truth claims that are important practically are another. So do you need the same burden of proof when you say, "My dog hates snow" as you do for saying, "I need to walk my dog a second time every day"? Imagine as far as truth goes both are equally important. But one has an additional importance. It requires an action. The second one is it. If there is a choice between proving one of them then it comes first.

If God has nothing to do with how we behave then God cannot have as big of a burden of proof as would, "Help your neighbour in their time of need."  God cannot have any needs therefore he cannot need to tell us what to do or even advise us thus God is irrelevant.

Jesus, it has been noted, is no good if you want to battle for social change.  Thus proving he is the ideal man is not as important as say proving Confucius is.