HOME   People do good because they are human, not because they are religious! 

Do not give God any credit for the good they do, they did it!



Religion says that God does not give everybody the same graces. For example, not all are born with the same level of good tendencies and not all can have the true religion that we are told that exists.
It cannot be claimed that perhaps God sees some reason why it is best not to give all the graces for that would mean that God encourages the weakness that leads to sin. Perhaps God prefers some to sin so that it will put more off or change the forces of chance so that fewer will get the opportunity to sin? But when he tells us to do good even if it will lead others to sin when they hear of the good we have done he will not do the same thing himself. The sins that people commit are their own problem so he will grant the grace.
Religion says that God owes us nothing so he can give or not give as he pleases. But we know we deserve the best help that God can give no matter how bad we are. Only an evil God would refuse to give it. God does not want us to be good when he is like that. To believe in divine beings then is to approve of his unjust discrimination and any morality erected on God is bound to be a failure and a fake. God cannot exist when he is so miserly with his graces.


Jesus said that one who gives out of their own abundance is not to be called generous. Giving because it makes no difference is not giving for the sake of giving. It is handing not giving. There is as much sacrifice there as the effort you may have to go to to get praised as a kind person. A God or Messiah who magics food for you when you need it is not being generous. It is lazy “help”. It is an insult to say you are obligated to give thanks for that or to call it an inspiring example of generosity.   How could you thank that?