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On Hypocrisy

A hypocrite is a person who punishes you or wants to punish you with disapproval and/or punishment for doing what he does. Hypocrites think they are better than those they condemn though they are not.

A smoking doctor who tells you not to smoke may not be a hypocrite. He may be assuming you want to be well unlike him. You may be younger than him. Or he may have learned from experience that the trap of smoking is a bad one. I would add that he is giving practical advice not moral advice.

He is no more a hypocrite than a travel agent who inspires you to go to Malta when he would not go there himself. The travel agent wants you to go to a place you will enjoy. He would not like Malta but that does not mean you cannot love it!

What about the judge who sends heroin users to jail and uses it himself? He is not a hypocrite. The law does not urge him to turn himself in. The law applies only to users who get caught. He agrees with the legal ban for not all people can handle heroin. He has to apply the law even if he does not agree with it.

The hypocrite strives to look good. That proves shows how much she or he longs for acceptance. Take the cherry-picking Catholic. He strives for acceptance as a true Catholic. In as far as he does that, he actually supports the Catholic Church as correctly understood. That is why the gay activist who claims to be a good Catholic is not a real friend to gay activism. He will come across as one who sees a person should be a good Catholic and who doesn't really know how to go about being one correctly.

Prayer is co-operation with God. The reason people can be religious and devoted to God while still being unrepentedly evil is that their real God is their ideas. They worship what they feel is there. They worship an idol constructed of their feelings. The worship only celebrates and deepens their hypocrisy.