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Christianity leads to Islam
Why are Christians converting to Islam in droves?
Genuine belief in Christianity and God leads to faith in Islam. This is because Islam has the advantage of stressing things and living them out while Christianity is riddled with hypocrisy. 
- Both faiths emphasise love for one God alone which means they give God the right to hurt and kill and his behaviour to be approved 100%.   "Since you've been straightforward I will be too, if I ask you what your intentions are it's to reassure myself that you don't love me like a 'star' or an 'idol' because I get messages like that and I don't endorse that because the only person who deserves to be adored is Allah," a letter to a fan from Abdeslam of the Paris Attacks.  If you love others only because it is God's will you may act loving but you are not and it will cause some people to turn out like psychopaths.

how different God is from us, its extreme pride to imagine that God is very like us.

- how he gives his word directly to a Prophet instead of us picking writings and proclaiming them the word of God


- Islam has better unity in faith and morals than Christianity. There is nothing like Protestants treating bread as God and Catholics worshipping a wafer as God. Or mainstream Christians having an abstract God beyond time and place and Mormons holding that God is a man with magical powers and who is confined to one place and one time. Islam has the marks of the one true Church, one, holy, Catholic.


-Islam claims that the Prophet Muhammad was an apostle of God. It has a better claim then to be what an alleged apostle produced than Christianity which developed years after the founders died. Also, Christianity is founded on the apostleship of Paul though he had no real credentials as an apostle.


-Islam is simple and therefore it suits everybody better than complex confusing Christianity.
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