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Do not give God any credit for the good they do, they did it!



To say I must love others for God is to say I love them conditionally. I will not love them if there is no God. I need to believe in God to treat them okay. I need to accuse non-believers of being moral curses. If I say I love the sinner and hate the sin, how can I really mean that? If I use God to subliminate my hate for my neighbour and particularly my sinful neighbour, who do I think I am trying to fool by claiming to love sinners?

Christianity says that if we truly love other people we will see their sins as detestable for their sins degrade them and legitimise their punishment.

Sin means an offence against the law of God. God is said to be entitled to all our love. Jesus commanded us to love God with our entire being and strength.

Why should we hate the sin? Because it hurts the sinner? No if God comes first then we should hate the sin chiefly because it mocks God. And as Jesus said we must love God with all our powers the only real objection to sin is that it offends God. The person in themselves does not matter. If they matter it is only because of God meaning the person does not matter and only God does. Nobody wants to listen to or be influenced by people who oppose their sin without any real concern for them.

A person listens best if you tell them that their lifestyle is going to bring them harm. A person will be turned off if you tell them that you wish to see them change for God.

We know that if anybody who does not truly care for us hates our sin then it is really us they hate. They are being polite about their rancour! They are passive-aggressive.

If you love God most, then trying to love those who hate him and who sin will be a struggle. Also the Church says it expects us to fall often. That is why the Church preaching that it is a religion of peace is not a reason for saying it is not to blame if you carry out hate crimes. The clergy and teachers of religion are as much to blame for what the IRA and sectarian bullies do. Some would say that as they condition people to believe in God and hate sin they are far more to blame.