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What Christians REALLY Believe about Loving Sinners while Hating Sins

“We tend to become the decisions we make. The more we choose something, the more we become that something. We are all in the process of solidifying our identities by the decisions we make. With each decision we make, we pick up momentum in the direction of that decision. Just observing people can, I think, prove this point. I knew an old lady once who was the most ugly, bitter, mean-spirited person I’d ever met. As a young lady, however, I am told that she was beautiful, personable, and fun. But at the age of 19 her fiancé ran off with her sister three days before her wedding date. She was understandably humiliated and hurt. But what is most tragic is that she proceeded to choose to be hateful and unforgiving toward her sister and ex-fiancé the rest of her life. Though her sister was extremely sorry for what she had done and tried numerous times to make amends later on (over the course of 50 years!), this lady would never budge. And with each decision against love and forgiveness, she solidified herself in bitterness. Like all negative emotions which are entertained over a long period of time, her bitterness coloured her whole outlook on life. She became her hatred. She became her bitterness. The momentum of her decisions became irreversible. She no longer chose it; she couldn’t now choose otherwise! All the good God originally intended her to be was consumed by the repeated course of hate she chose. What started as her decision eventually became her nature” (page 41, Letters from a Skeptic).


“The ‘snowball effect’ which is true of individual lives is also true of societies and of humanity in general… Evil tends to propagate evil, individually and societally” (page 43, Letters from a Skeptic).

Comment: How can you love sinners who are their sin?   Even if x is not the sin of avarice yet she or he is still the sin of trying to become avarice!  So all sinners are personally sin!  And the reason for hating others is down to our intuition that evil people breed and incubate, deliberately and inadvertently, evil.  Christians do admit to hating sinners but won't admit it bluntly.  They have to hate them.