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Do not give God any credit for the good they do, they did it!


"Love the sinner hate the sin" pretends to help you be a better person but is a distraction from the real issue: FEAR

Christian condemnation of hate and its saying that is not enough to just not hate but you must love as well makes the religion look good.

In a world that is lazy about morality just saying, "Do not hate" would be enough to keep people satisfied with religion.

In fact if nobody hates you but nobody is loving you what use is that?  You would be better off with people hating you.

Love the sinner and hate the sin goes with the idea that if all you can manage is to just not hate the sinner then that will have to do.  It denigrates love.

That is one reason why it sounds so hollow.  Is it any wonder that those who love sinners and campaign against sins do not seem to be great people?

Love the sinner and hate the sin reads like a comforting placebo for the problems of immorality in society.  In fact it is a self-righteous cynical trick. People loving you will do nothing for you if they fear you. People regard others as enemies to be overcome not because they hate them but because they fear them.  It is fear that gets people killed not hate. Hate is fertilised by fear. But it is really fear that kills not hate though hate gets the blame.

Sin as in hurting others provokes fear.

Sin as in hurting God and obscuring his will and fighting his lovely plan provokes fear as well.

Sin as in suffering eternal torment if you fail to repent for it will lead to fear so great that you would be nearly insane.

If fear is a problem then religion makes sure it will be and makes sure it will be worse.