HOME   People do good because they are human, not because they are religious! 

Do not give God any credit for the good they do, they did it!



A country that gives too much mercy to the right people and too little mercy to the wrong people or that lets everybody away with it in the name of mercy is only setting justice up as a parody of itself.

Religion says that justice and mercy are not in conflict for you are serving justice by leaving the past behind.

Most people believe that justice is what you deserve and earn but mercy is making sure that if you do bad then less than justice will be served.  You get less than what you deserve.  The judge does not give you the punishment you have justified but a lesser one or cancels the punishment completely. 

That way of thinking makes justice and mercy to be in conflict - they are two opposites or contraries. 

Some philosophers think that mercy is a balance between two extremes - cruelty and indifference to evil.  Notice the two things are evil which means that getting it right will be hard.  A judge will lean too far in one direction.  In human hands this will be easily abused.   And make no mistake, justice and mercy are indeed often in conflict even if they shouldn't need to be.