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Objective Morality, God and Circular Reasoning

Argument: "There is no morality if there is no God. There can be no way to value compassion, love, justice, gratitude and kindness unless there is a God who values these things. Morality is grounded in God's character."

The religious use that argument to show that morality is facts not opinions. For example, stealing a child's doll is a wrong as in factually wrong.

But it does not follow that the argument helps them become moral. They still seem to care more that instinct says certain things are wrong or right. Many care only about that.

It is obvious that truth does not depend on God. It is obvious that the religious belief that ALL truth comes from God is rubbish. If there were nothing and no God it would be true that there is nothing. Objective morality is more about truth than anything else. It says it is true that you cannot use a baby as a football. Clearly if truth is truth regardless of what God thinks or wants, then so is morality.

The argument that God creates morality therefore morality is true is a circular argument and thus a lie. Using God in that way ruins objective morality.

We think we know by instinct what is right and wrong. Believers say that God gave us that instinct and we can trust it for we can trust him. But that is an argument from ignorance. The argument goes, "I don’t know how I got the instinct therefore it was probably God."

Obviously the instinct is more important than God. To say that instinct tells you that right is right and wrong is wrong is to say the instinct matters more than the cause. If you see you don't care what causes you to see. And the cause is not as important as seeing.

To say that real moral values exist because I somehow know they do is immoral for you cannot really know unless you know how you know. Saying you "just know" something is a cheat.

It is a moral value that a circular argument is no good and a cheat.

Bringing God in makes the circular problems hundreds of times worse.

God is the enemy of objective morality.