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Do not give God any credit for the good they do, they did it!


Believe that you own what you own!

If you believe in God you would have to believe that your wealth is his creation and reflects his power and beauty and love. Who is richer than him if he exists? He made all things so ultimately he owns all things. He has given some of his wealth away to each one of us.

It is said that we do not own anything. It is said that we only use what we call possessions for a while and then somebody else will use them. If that is true, then stealing wouldn't be wrong. How could you thank someone for a gift if it isn't theirs or become yours? The concept of God implies that God owns all things and we are only users of what he gives. We are custodians of what he owns and own nothing. To think we do not own things implies that we should not seek them. Owning is a right. If we do not own our rights we own nothing and should seek nothing. The belief that there is no ownership creates poverty and damages mental health.