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Personal Identity and its dark side

Personal identity has two components or sides.

It is the sense of self – what is my career? Am I a family member? It is the thing that is true of me all the time.

Identity is also about a second thing – how you see yourself as important and worthwhile as a person.

The latter is dangerous because if you see your core and your identity as being religious you will have it in for the non-religious.

It is dangerous because if you see your core and your identity as being moral you will have it in for those who fall short of your moral standards.

It is dangerous for you see yourself as an intelligent person you will disdain those who are not as smart as you.

What if you see your identity as a valuable person in terms of how somebody else loves you? Then if they abuse you and you tell them then it will rip your heart out if they don’t care or criticise you or blame you for the abuse. You have made them a tool for your sense of self and the relationship will get toxic and will die. You are in fact trying to control them like things. You end up seeing their faults or evil deeds as threats to you as a person even if they are not directed at you at all.

If God alone really matters or comes first then it only matters how God sees you and if he sees you as wonderful it does not matter how many people think you are dirt.  Christianity manipulates you to tie your sense of self-worth to God as it wants to see God.  The idea that God is infinitely perfect and rules the universe and loves you for you are incredible leads only to grave trauma in the end.  It can lead to isolation - no wonder so many in the past imprisoned themselves in convents.  You suffer the arrogance of thinking you control God and can try to.  You suffer the pain when it goes all wrong.  You will see somebody who seems to be treated better than you by God as a threat and hate them.  You will be unable to bear anything that contradicts your faith in case this God who you use as an object to make you see yourself as special gets debunked.  You will set out with your religion to destroy freedom of opinion and regard blasphemy laws as a godsend.

Is our identity about what we feel inside and what we desire? All the feelings you have are part of you. Nevertheless we don’t identify with all our feelings. We pick out the ones we consider valuable and worthwhile. Feelings change and come and go so it seems that what we believe about our feelings is what gives us identity.  Feelings often lie to us or cloud our vision and they do this more than we realise!

Instead of asking religious people to prove their views contrast and check religious beliefs along sideline beliefs that say they are wrong.  Help them to see their inconsistency.