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Relativism and Truth
An objective view of reality refers to something that is true and what I think or don’t know has nothing to do with making it or helping it to be true.  Even God cannot change truth.  Relativism denies these obvious truths.


There are two forms of relativism.

One claims that there is no truth. Truth is the lie and the lie is truth.
Two claims that there is no absolute truth.
What is the difference? The first is relativist in all truth claims. The latter is not. It holds that truth does exist but in matters such as God or ethics nothing is completely or absolutely true. The arguers for it would depend on the parable of the blind men and the elephant. The blind man who feels its tail and thinks an elephant is a rope has some truth but not absolute truth.
In practice, whether extreme or not, relativism is the view that if you believe something that makes it true. It is true in Islam that Jesus was not God and its true in Christianity that he is. It denies that truth is about reality and facts.
One form of relativism is that moral codes are just personal moral codes not absolute truths. If abortion is murderously wrong for you you cannot stop another person who thinks abortion is okay from having one. You cannot vote against legalising abortion in a referendum. A personal moral code is really just another way of dressing up personal tastes as morality. This morality is not really morality at all. It ignores the notion of moral obligation. It would suggest that you are not obliged to help a sick dog when you can easily do so but if you feel like it then it is morally good.
Relativists who say there is no truth must mean it is the truth that there is no truth. If you say it is true that there is no truth then you have to mean that there is one truth: that there is no other truth. So it is an absolute truth that there is no truth besides that one meaning you have to stand by it and take it with you into your politics. It will end up forced on the people.
Relativists that claim to believe there is no truth are in fact in practice living out the notion that the only truth that there is no truth.
Now a question. If relativism is saying there is only one truth or one absolute truth where does that leave version two the modified version which says truth does exist but there is no absolute truth in religion or morals?
The modified version is an illusion. It looks modified but is even worse than saying the only thing that is true is that there is no truth. If there is no absolute truth then there is no truth at all - period. If there is no absolute truth then there is nothing absolutely wrong about saying it is true that there is no truth even if it is not true.
To say there is no truth is better than saying, "Something is true when I want it to be true." Now when you say that you are still saying there is no truth at all. But you are also saying that truth should be followed and respected.  It is better to be an incoherent defender of truth than one who denies there is truth.
Relativism makes it impossible to have a sensible discussion or debate with a relativist. It is the most frustrating thing and they have no regard for consistency.